Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Draft NIST Protocol for EHR Usability Evaluation Available for Public Comment

The electronic healthcare record (EHR) has great promise as a tool to mitigate the high risks of healthcare. In the past, the usability of the EHR has not been paid sufficient attention.

NIST has assembled a group working diligently on objective usability methods  for the electronic healthcare record.  A diverse group of usability experts that have contributed to this protocol. Each one is committed to safer healthcare supported by the science of usability. After a careful deliberation the protocol has been published and is now available for public comments.

Please find time to read the protocol and comment thoughtfully on this draft. While it may not satisfy each of our ultimate desires – we hope we have established a reasonable baseline that will inform a safer future. Please support this effort and add to the progress of this important step for healthcare.

The announcement, the full report, and links to public  comments are available at:

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